Just another hapless group of
adventurers who awakened ancient evil.

  • Andrew F as Monitus, a Half-Elven Wizard whose quest for family is almost as strong as his search for justice.
  • MJ as Master Juba, an Elven Rogue trying to avenge his parents’ death.
  • Kara K as Ampersand, an Elven Bard out for fame and glory.
  • Beth L as Nirinjan, a Half-Elven Druid dedicated to protecting nature and smiting evil.
  • Jack M as Nya, a Tiefling thief. Is he a friend or foe?
  • Allison SJ as Aravis, a Half-Elven Ranger.
  • Ben VH as Krolok, a Dwarven Barbarian always ready for another fight.

Former Starring Characters

Most useful information can be found in the wiki. Some good places to start are at Greystone, the city central to this campaign, the History of the World, or the Map

Alternatively, jump right in and catch up with what has been happening with the Adventure Log.

About the Setting… The World of Greystone is a relatively generic fantasy setting, based on many of the usual popular sources, becoming less generic as it is fleshed out by input from the DM and players alike. The name is an homage to the classic “World of Greyhawk” campaign setting for D&D combined with the name of a street I used to live on.

About the Players… We are a group of friends living in Austin, Texas who play as often as conflicting schedules allow. Many are first time players of D&D or role playing games in general. Other activities many of us enjoy doing together include singing karaoke and working at a local restaurant.


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