A Visit to Chasselbury

Monitus reveals a possible plot to take over Greystone

13-25th days of Pelor, 816

      Much of these two weeks were spent sailing, but a few notable events occurred. After leaving the Island of Leor, the group ended up in the city of Chasselbury, where they stopped for a couple days to finish the repairs to the ship. While exploring the city, Monitus revealed that he had been warned about a secret evil organization called the Red Hand who have been trying to overthrow the government of Greystone. Their alleged leader is the Grand Wizard Voryn Askello, a charismatic and powerful leader with a less than stellar reputation. Since Monitus’s information indicated that the Red Hand were somehow working with Chasselbury, this seemed like a good opportunity to do some investigation and try and find evidence of Askello’s involvement.
      Firstly, Master Juba put his dubious flirting/information gathering skills to the test talking to some women in a tavern. He learned that the Red Hand were a legendary group of Chasselbury knights from fairy tales and that more information could possibly be found in the Royal Library. Unfortunately, this library was located within the walled-off noble quarter of the city, but the party decided they would go and get into the library one way or another.
      Luckily, there were only two guards standing at the gate, and a couple Suggestions from Melancthon quickly gained the group access to the inner grounds and the library. Surprisingly, the library’s architecture was very reminiscent of the ancient temple they had explored a week ago. Juba decided to magically detect secret doors, while Monitus and the others scanned the shelves for any information on the Red Hand. Juba’s spell paid off, there was indeed a magically sealed door in the floor and Monitus found the command words in a book of fairy tales that were embossed with the image of a red hand.
      Inside the secret passage was an alchemist’s lab, guarded by a powerful demon called a Herzou. This type of demon is resistant to non-blessed physical attacks, as well as most forms of elemental magic. Monitus ended up doing a good portion of the damage with non-elemental magic missiles and by summoning a Celestial Lion, but the attacks of Master Juba, Aravis and Nirinjan in the form of a tiger helped as well. Melancthon and Calvin went to get assistance from the guards, but they provided little help.
      Eventually the fell beast was defeated, and searching the room revealed a few clues. First of all, the shelves of the workshop contained books from The Library of Greystone, specifically from the forbidden section that only a Grand Wizard could have accessed. Secondly, there was a mysterious teleportation circle set into one of the walls which could not be activated. With the trail at a dead end for the time being, the adventurers returned to their ship.
      Back on board, they checked with Krolok, who had been holding onto the mysterious orb, only to find that it had been stolen! In its place was left a stone of similar size and shape along with a playing card. Krolok could offer no explanation as to how it had been stolen from him, and with a lack of evidence to pursue, the group left to return to their journey back to Greystone.



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