Dragon Detectives Pt. 1

Most of Team "A" embark on a dragon-slaying quest

9-17th days of Olidammara, 816

Sherlock Gnomes, upset about the still unsolved mystery of the Lich they found in the bottom of the abandoned fortress, decided that Watson may be able to shed some light on the case if only he could communicate with him. After conferring with Nirinjan, they decided to travel to Nagara to ask her teacher Pandita to Awaken Watson. Thom Fhranks accompanied them, but Master Juba decided to stay behind for a bit.

When they reached Nagara and spoke with Pandita, he explained that there were two options to the Awakening ritual. He could cast the spell normally, and Watson would be just a dog with heightened intelligence and the ability to talk, or they could use the brain of an intelligent magical creature as part of the spell and he would be much more powerful. Conveniently, Pandita knew of a juvenile Black Dragon dwelling somewhere in the Driftwood Marshes, being raised by a tribe of Lizardmen. He also recommended that they seek out the tomb of Hérion, a great Elven dragon slayer, and use his sword to help defeat the beast. Once this plan was settled upon, Nirinjan completed the Druidic initiation ceremony, making her a full-fledged Druid and giving her the ability to wild shape.

After a couple days of travel, the group reached the Tomb of Hérion. Things got off to a rocky start when the ground they were walking on collapsed into the home of an angry Ankheg. Then, they had to defeat the animated statue guardians of the tomb, two elven warriors and a huge dragon. However, they recovered the sword and headed North to the marshes.

The marshes were dark and foreboding, and the party was on its guard. Near the end of the second day of travel, they happened upon a campfire. Sherlock disguised himself as a tree and approached it to investigate. He found an aged Half-orc woman sitting on a log eating mutton. Since Gnomes had learned the Orcish language, he attempted to use his Ghost Noises spell to speak with her, but it became apparent that she did not speak the language. When she got up to investigate the disturbance, she shape shifted into her true form, an Annis, the dreaded marsh hag. The rest of the group came to his rescue, and thanks to some of Nirinjan’s lightning bolts, she was defeated and the party made camp for the night.



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