Dungeons & Dwarves Pt. 1

Team "B" fails to crash a gathering of evil-doers, then pays a visit to their local library

27-28th days of Olidammara, 816

Still on the trail of the Heralds of Zultan, the party decided to storm the meeting that Delbur Cloestorm told them about back at the Troglodyte cave.

They went to the slum district at midnight and approached the warehouse Delbur spoke of. They saw him standing guard, but when Krolok went up to him, he saw that the warrior of Zultan had been killed and reanimated as a zombie! Four Troglodyte zombies then joined the battle under the direction of an evil Dwarven Cleric. It was a relatively hard-fought battle, the group wishing to save their strength for possible other encounters, but in the end they prevailed. The doors to the warehouse were magically trapped, but luckily Ampersand used her Unseen Servant to open them, setting it off harmlessly. The inside was bare, it appeared that not only did the Heralds of Zultan leave zombies and traps for the heroes, but they moved their base of operation in anticipation as well.

The next day, without anything else to go on, the party headed to The Library of Greystone to research Zultan Kanatir. They met Mrs. Professor Zweigstein, who helped them learn about the fate of Kanatir. Since they believe Zultan to be free, it is evident that Kanatir is no longer sealed, so they have decided that that shall be their next stop.



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