The Angry Wife

Aravis leads the group on a quest for justice

15th day of Fharlanghn, 816

     Krolok, Ampersand and Monitus were enjoying some time off with Master Juba at his estate when a Half-Elf woman came calling. She introduced herself as Aravis, a former member of the Teeth of Slar gang. Aravis had originally been in it for the gold, but balked when Ahgul Slar began killing innocents unnecessarily. Master Juba’s parents were among those that Slar had personally killed and she offered to help avenge their deaths.
     The party was skeptical of this stranger, but they decided to check out her story by going with her to the Angry Wife, Slar’s tavern. They found an Ogre wearing a top-hat standing outside, clearly the bouncer. Since he would undoubtedly recognize Aravis, it was decided that Monitus and Ampersand would attempt to go inside while Krolok kept an eye on the newcomer. Juba was, as usual, hiding on the rooftop.
     Biff the Ogre told them that it was a private party and they weren’t allowed in, but Monitus cleverly told him that Ampersand was the night’s entertainment. After a stirring demonstration of her vocal ability, Biff begrudgingly let them in and told them to talk to Gruzz, the bartender.
     Inside, they found about a dozen gang members, mostly Humans and Half-Orcs, as well as a dirty Halfling playing the piano. Monitus convinced Gruzz to let Ampersand sing, (Gruzz threw a bottle at the Halfling, knocking him out) but this proved to be somewhat of a mistake. Once she began singing, Gruzz recognized her as one of the famous adventurers and associate of Master Juba. Monitus gave him a piece of paper with Exploding Runes on it and sent his cat out to get the others. The bartender (and several thugs near him) were engulfed in flame and shrapnel, but the others in the bar were so entranced with Ampersand’s magical song that they didn’t notice or care. Ampersand even took a couple out with her whip mid-song.
     Meanwhile, the group waiting outside saw the cat run out the door and under Biff’s legs and lept into action. Master Juba jumped down onto the Ogre with a sneak attack, gravely injuring him. Then Krolok and Aravis joined the battle with axe and arrows. Though the Ogre was large and powerful, he could not last long against the three seasoned warriors. The remainder of the gang inside offered little resistance against the entire group.
     After the battle, Juba revived Twindle “Twittpuff” Pyfey the Halfling in order to get some information out of him. The small bard took an instant… err… liking to Krolok and was more than happy to help. He led them downstairs, where there was a secret door to Slar’s private study. Inside the room they found what appeared to be a powerful monk, but turned out to be just a weak sorcerer named Dink Butterman with an illusion cast on himself. He turned invisible and offered to give information in exchange for his life.
     As it turned out, Slar had recently left on his ship, the Uza Slar, to some mysterious island. Dink could not say why his boss was going there, but he did have a map to the island, as well as a chest with 5,000 gold pieces to buy his freedom. The heroes were merciful and let Dink sneak off, but decided that their next course of actions should be to get on Master Juba’s ship and try and catch up to Ahgul Slar.



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