The Lost Island Pt. 1

Exploring a dangerous island

31st day of Fharlanghn, 816

      With supplies beginning to run low and their ship in need of serious repairs, our heroes decided to explore the island in search of food and fresh water. Through wild shaping into an eagle, Nirinjan was able to scout out most of the island, finding an old pyramid in the middle, in front of which a village of savage Neanderthals had been built. After returning to camp to report this, Krolok and Balthasar decided to go hunting; Monitus, Juba and Tales the hedgehog went on foot to the temple, Nirinjan flew back to spy on the village some more while the others stayed at camp to help set up for their survival.
      Unfortunately for them, Monitus and Juba were ambushed by six of the Neanderthals on the way. Greatly outnumbered, things did not look so good, with Monitus getting clubbed and knocked out early on and Master Juba coming close to being defeated as well. The true hero of the battle was little Tales, who clawed and bit the faces of the Neanderthals in a wild rage until they were all defeated. They decided to cut the expedition short and return to camp for the night, where the hunters had returned with a feast of wild boar.
      During the night, while Ampersand and Juba were guarding the camp, a group of large bipedal reptiles attacked. During the battle, the ship was sustained minor fire damage, which had to be put out by a Water Elemental Nirinjan summoned. The monsters were eventually slain and the rest of the night passed without incident. Now the group is debating whether to risk investigating this curious pyramid or to simply fix their boat and leave this inhospitable island as soon as possible.



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