The Lost Island Pt. 2

Exploring the ancient temple

1-7th day of Pelor, 816

     After spending several days repairing the ship and guarding their camp from any more Dinosaur or Neanderthal attacks, the group was ready to leave. However, the strange pyramid shaped structure at the center of the island seemed too tempting to pass up, so our heroes decided to investigate its interior.
     The strange dungeon was filled with several tricks and traps, as well a few monstrous guardians. The very first room they came to featured not only a deadly Naga who attacked them with Lightning Bolts, but also a false room that triggered a collapsing ceiling. Luckily, this trap was triggered by an unseen servant, then investigated further after Krolok had torn the door off its hinges and Juba had used his immovable rod as a safety mechanism. There was also a dead-end room filled with statues. The party worried they might be animated guardians waiting to attack, but instead the room was found to contain the Naga’s treasure.
     Leaving that area, they found a sort of shrine-room, with runes written on the floor. Unfortunately, Monitus was unable to decipher them. As they advanced down the hallway leading to a flight of stairs, Nirinjan and Balthasar fell down a trap door that opened into a 70 foot pit but Melancthon was ready with a Feather Fall spell to save them. The pit opened up into a natural cavern, but the group decided to investigate the upper passages first.
     Next, our heroes came upon a very large room with a 60 foot high ceiling and a large Air Elemental in it. In what turned out to be a lucky move, they ended up fighting it in the hallway outside the room. This came in handy once they realized that gravity in the room reversed itself every minute, leading to some close calls with people almost “falling” up and crushing themselves on the ceiling.
     Things calmed down for a while after the reverse gravity room. A long, snaking passage inexplicably filled with crushed bones gradually worked its way up through the pyramid, leading to an abandoned dining room. In the hallway outside the banquet hall, another trap was narrowly avoided as Master Juba and Krolok jumped out of the way of being boxed into a small compartment, which then began filling with water. Lord Melancthon’s follower Calvin used a stone shaping spell and drained the water as well as making a passage they could continue through.
     This passage led to a long abandoned alchemy lab. It seemed empty at first, but then the party began to be attacked by a pair of invisible assailants. The battle was frustrating, as the heroes were growing tired and it was difficult to defeat enemies that could not be seen. In the end however, the prevailed and decided to hole up in the lab and rest before continuing on.



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