The Lost Island Pt. 3

The party finish exploring the ancient temple and leave the island

8-12th days of Pelor, 816

      Having spent a fitful night’s rest in the strange pyramid on the mysterious island, the group awoke ready to finish exploring this place and then go home. Juba, Krolok and Ampersand decided to guard the rear, while Monitus, Nirinjan, Melancthon and Calvin climbed the stairs leading up. They found themselves in a large room, possibly the last chamber in the temple. The decaying tapestries showed that this was once richly decorated and a pedestal at the far end held a crystal ball on a golden stand. Unfortunately, there was also a large stone statue, who stood up and began to move towards the intruders.
      Monitus, knowledgeable in many fields, identified the construct as a Stone Golem, unfortunately immune to magic. This was not good news for the group consisting of Wizard, Sorcerer, Druid and Cleric. They decided to play defensively, using summoned creatures of Nirnjan and Monitus to keep the brute at bay, while Calvin and Melancthon used magic to weaken the floor underneath him, dropping down into a combination of mud, webbing and grease. While this bought them some time, they examined the orb, and found that it cast some sort of anti-magic field. This would have been rather unfortunate for the spellcasters, had it not then have been found to temporarily nullify the golem’s power as well.
      This only left the natural cavern found at the bottom of the pit trap from the first section of the pyramid. The party followed a slightly unstable passage to an underground beach, littered with the corpses of whales and other large sea creatures. However, the shoreline was littered with gold and other precious items. Unbeknown to our heroes, this was the lair of the Kraken who caused their shipwreck in the first place, and who had survived Melancthon’s followers’ attack. Luckily, they cautiously used magic to scoop up the treasure and then absconded with it.
      After returning up the stairs to retrieve the orb, the entire group left the temple (with the Golem following angrily behind them). They quickly boarded the boat, said farewell to the strange island and headed north towards civilization.



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