The Secret Glen

The truth behind Melancthon's quest is revealed and a new headache is found

12th day of Heirouneous-3rd day of Hextor

      It took three weeks for our heroes to get out of the mountains and wander about aimlessly looking for an owl, but they persevered through it. Finally the owl appeared, as foretold in Melancthon’s map, and directed them thusly:

The forest yonder which you seek. Hoot. O’er the plains where Cypress grow. Hoot. There within crawl up the creek. Hoot. Of it speak to Brother Crow.
      They did as the strange talking bird suggested and found themselves in an ominous forest. A tree fell onto Krolok without warning and a swarm of bats surrounded the party, making it seem like the forest itself was out to get them. Then, when Krolok idly attacked a tree, it came to life and literally tried to get them. It was during this battle that Master Juba noticed that his prized Immovable Rod was missing.
      After searching their belongings, almost everyone discovered that they had missing items as well. Judging by the amount stolen, it seemed unlikely the thief had struck on just one night, so the adventurers decided to lay a trap in case he or she returned that night.
      Just as planned, that night a shadowy figure approached the camp while everyone feigned sleep. The man, who turned out to be a Tiefling, was easily subdued and spoke the Infernal language with Monitus. He had heard of the group from none other than Zultan Kanatir, who was currently still in Hell. Impressed by the stories of the heroes’ triumph over Zultan, the stranger had decided to come here to be their friend. Evidently, his plan was to steal the items so that they could be given as presents and win their favor. During the conversation with the new ally/enemy, Melancthon disappeared, so the group ventured into the night to find him.
      They found an area of trees even blacker and thicker-grown than the rest, with an arch like entrance. Outside was a large crow, who almost predictably spoke to the party.
The secret glen is within paces. KAKAAAW. In it’s heart a bleeding tree. KAKAAAW. It’s bark is black, and etched with faces. KAKAAAAW. Is said to grant immortality.
      Melancthon was waiting inside the glen, standing in front of a huge black tree bearing many faces crying out in torment, as the crow had said. Calvin stepped forward, having finally found a living avatar of his god, but was casually crushed into the dirt by the claw-like branches of the demonic tree. Most of the group engaged Melancthon and the tree, but the tiefling (who we will refer to as Nya) took this opportunity to slip his bonds and cause havoc on the party, especially Monitus.
      The tree was of course defeated, but the team had lost two of its members and Nya had absconded with Monitus’s Spellbook. Also, they’ve been gone from Greystone for over a month. Will Voryn Askello still be alright? or will Aten Delrod and the Red Hand have launched some terrible plot in the mean time?



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