The War of the Magi

The party is caught up in a battle for control of the Circle of Magi

4th-7th days of Hextor, 816

      In the early morning hours of the day following the battle at the glen, who should walk into the party’s camp but the thought to be recently deceased Calvin! Through a series of drawings, he explained that the death of the evil tree demon had set his soul free and resurrected him, although strangely stripping him of his voice. He also returned Monitus’s Spellbook and wands, which he had found in the woods. Reunited, the group spent the next three days being ferried back to Greystone by Monitus’s newly researched Teleport spell.
      After a bit of shopping and resupplying, Monitus returned to the Acropolis Arcanum only to find a crowd of people surrounding the gate. A war had erupted inside the wizards’ district, between the forces of Aten Delrod and Voryn Askello’s supporters. Monitus gathered his companions and they bravely entered in order to find Voryn and stop Delrod.
      Their way was hampered by several setbacks. They successfully saved a group of apprentice wizards, they defeated an Efreeti and were mysteriously attacked by a fireball. After crossing Wood Hollow to get to the Temple of Boccob, they ran into Voryn.
      Voryn explained that he was on his way to duel Aten Delrod and put an end to this conflict. The group offered their help, but he rebuked it. However, outside the temple was a rampaging Clay Golem, a creature immune to direct magical effect which would weaken Voryn greatly before his more important fight. The adventurers agreed to take out the Golem while Voryn went into a magical portal to face Delrod.
      The battle went well; Krolok did a majority of the damage while the rest of the group supported him and enfeebled the monster. After their battle, they went inside the temple to wait for the outcome of Voryn’s fight. After some time waiting, Voryn appeared from extra-dimensional space with a bang, carrying the body of Aten Delrod. With this, everything in the Circle of Magi should soon return to normal.



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