Troglodyte Trouble

Team "B" travels to a cave, slaughters group of annoying stinky lizard people

25-26th days of Olidammara, 816

Wanting to learn more about the Heralds of Zultan, Ampersand, Drolok, Krolok and Monitus headed out of the city on the advice of the imp from the previous encounter. There, as expected they found several Troglodytes, as well as a couple of vicious Monitor Lizards and some Monstrous Spiders. The most impressive kill-shot was probably when Monitus cleverly used his Grease spell on the largest spider to trip it, which Krolok followed up on by setting it on fire and killing it with a leaping swing of his axe.

After clearing out the Troglodytes, the party was left badly bruised, low on spells and poisoned by spiders. As they exited the cave, weary to fight another battle, the agent of the Heralds of Zultan they were looking for swooped down on a large zombified Wyvern. Luckily, a battle that may have ended very poorly for the heroes was avoiding thanks to Monitus’s Charm Person spell. After being charmed, Delbur Cloestorm was very forthcoming with information, telling them about a midnight meeting of the Heralds the night after tomorrow.



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