Elf Bard


Lady Krisaga Hollysword the Bard (aka &) is an adventurous performer and barmaid with long wavy chestnut hair, green eyes and olive skin. She loves to keep the group in high spirits by way of song and words of encouragement.


Early Life

Lady Krisaga Hollysword the Bard was raised along with nine other siblings on the top of the highest mountain in Lonsalindel. She spent much of her childhood frolicking around the mountaintop with her best friend and neighbor, Tessa. A talented musician and performer, Lady Krisaga mastered her craft of acrobatic song in the high altitudes of Lonsalindel before she left home to share her talents with the world. Tessa, eager to escape her abusive brother and father, joined Lady Krisaga on her journey.

Lady Krisaga Hollysword the Bard adopted her stage name “&” due to her ability to contort herself into pretzel-like positions. & was quite-loved as a performer and barmaid at Sparrow’s Point Pub where she worked with Tessa.

Tessa’s disappearance

Lacking a strong male role model throughout her life Tessa had a knack for attracting the wrong men. She would never notice decent men, like Monitus, who would treat her with the love and respect she deserved. Well this time it got her into a very troublesome situation. When Tessa disappeared & had no choice but to try and save her lifelong best friend from danger.


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