Dwarf Cleric 4



Drolok looks like a typical Dwarven nomad, with a shaved head and dark eyes. He doesn’t speak, having taken a vow of silence and carries a symbol of Armok around his neck and a greataxe in his hands.

Early Life

Drolok was raised in the Northland Hills as a member of a nomadic Dwarf tribe. He was the youngest of three siblings and being relatively sickly (for a Dwarf) and taciturn (even for a Dwarf) he always looked up to his older brothers Krolok and especially Brolok.

Brolok’s disappearance

Three years ago, Brolok left for the city of Greystone to try and make his fortune. Drolok did not take this well, and his only joy in life were the letters that his brother sent from the city. They told of how he had joined a gang called the Skull Dragons and was trying to make money any way possible. Brolok’s last letter indicated that he was about to undertake something very dangerous, which caused Drolok and Krolok to assume that their brother had somehow been killed. Drolok did not take this well; he took a vow of silence and became an initiate of Armok, Dwarven god of revenge. He and Krolok have set off for Greystone in their older brother’s footsteps on a quest to find out what happened to Brolok and avenge his death.


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