Krolok is an outspoken and dangerous dwarven barbarian with unrivaled physical gifts. His motives are typically simple but his behavior can be difficult to predict. Like his brothers, he has a shaved head and dark, deep set features, though they are usually covered up by massive armor and an axe as long as he is tall.

Early Life

The middle child of three dwarven brothers from Northland Hills, Krolok was bred from birth to murder and maim. Despite fighting alongside fellow warriors from the clan, the legendary sharp tongues and high-temperments of the Olok brothers would prove to cause constant tension among the elders. After a charged dispute during negotiations with the Ungorts, a neighboring clan, Krolok was banished from the village to the northern wastes.

Brolok’s Disappearnce

Many moons later, Krolok returned with ferocity and ruthlessness earned only from time spent in the wilderness. Krolok produced the head of the Chief Ungort for the elders, the dwarf responsible for this whole outrageous fiasco in the first place. The clan’s uneasiness as to how to handle such a badass response to banishment was cut short, however, when Krolok learned of the departure of Brolok. He and Drolok hastily departed in order to find him, worried for his safety after rumors of his falling in with violent gangs. Brolok, after all, was even more of a motherfucker than the other two combined.

Today, Krolok and recently undeadened Drolok seek vengeance upon whomever turned Brolok into a ghost. Krolok has fairly flexible but ambitious plans to annihilate anyone that may be responsible, even with the most tenuous proof of involvement. And if he gets rich on the way, so fucking be it.


Greystone KROLOK