Sherlock Gnomes

Gnome Inspector


Shertrude Leopold Lockbottom, like so many gnomes of the Great Cookie Dough Factory Explosion of ‘forty-nine, was orphaned at infancy. Ne’er to know the sweet sweet embrace of foster care, it was during his time in his orphanage that he learned to live off his wiles. None of the other children could remember his name, so it was simplified to Sher-lock the gnome.

Graduated top of his class at Oxford. . .New Jersey, work at the local precinct brought him to Greystone. Here he formed a sense of justice, and rose to fame as he solved case after case. Scandal had his badge revoked and he quit from the force, leading him to the private practice he owns today.

Being an orphan himself, he always had a kind heart to take in the needy or homeless. His companion Watson was taken in in this manner, as were his junior detectives Ninjajon and Master Jubba the Hutt.

Sherlock Gnomes

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