Zultan Kanatir

Dwarven Lich



Zultan Kanatir Ulrich Inodozav was the second ruler of the Kanatir settlement. He led the underground city from a traditional Lawful Good worship of Moradin down to Lawful Evil Devil worship. Around this time, he conducted the dark rituals necessary for becoming a lich. He was defeated by the Elven Druid Nirgha’ata and the city was sealed.

Recent Events

Rumor has it that he has returned, albeit missing some of his power. The Devil-gods he worshiped may have stripped him of his spells for his failure. There is talk of an evil cult call the Heralds of Zultan who are attempting to help him regain his power.

Working with the wizard Koldun, he came up with a plane to sacrifice the entire population of Northledge in order to regain the favor of Asmodeus. Unfortunately for him, although he successfully opened a portal to Hell, his plan backfired when a group of heroes trapped him in his own portal. He has not been seen since.

Zultan Kanatir

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