weapon (melee)

Plus 2 enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage. When wielded by a Dwarf, it gains the Brutal Surge property: after a successful melee attack you can command the weapon to initiate a bull rush attempt against the target of the attack in addition to dealing its normal damage. This attempt does not provoke attacks of opportunity and is resolved using your size, Strength and other relevant characteristics. Since the axe is a two-handed weapon, you gain a plus 2 bonus on the opposed strength check. If successful, the bull rush pushes the affected creature back the greatest possible distance allowed by the result of the opposed check, but you do not move along with the target. Movement caused by this bull rush attempt provokes attacks of opportunity from other creatures normally, but you cannot make an attack of opportunity against the affected creature. This property is usable a number of times per day equal to 1 plus your Con bonus.


This magical axe has been passed down to the eldest son in Krolok’s family for generations. It was given to Brolok upon the death of his father, Dredlok and taken by him to Greystone. Brolok was killed and enslaved as a ghost by Koldun. Krolok and Drolok got lethal revenge on Koldun and recovered both his body and the axe. Now, as eldest living son, Krolok carries the weapon.


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