Dungeons & Dwarves Pt. 2
Team "B" explore the ruins of Kanatir, end up back in another library

28th day of Olidammara, 816

On the way to Kanatir, the group was accosted by a pair of Ogre bandits. Krolok leaped forward and dealt one of them a serious blow to start the fight, and they put up surprisingly little resistance after that. The Ogres had apparently had a decent career prior to this however, as the party liberated quite a bit of treasure from them, including a pair of Gloves of Lightning.

The heroes figured they had found the entrance to the ruins when they found a cave guarded by Lemure Devils. These were also dispatched and the group descended into the ruins. They soon came across a secret door and after a bit of puzzling, figured out that they had to open it by pouring a liquid into the center of the room. This was not figured out until after Monitus had suggested that Krolok lick the floor, which he then ridiculed him for going through with.

The main section of Kanatir was found to be quite abandoned and decrepit. There were many mindless gray-skinned Dwarves milling about, but they provided no clues or assistance. The only living thing they encountered was a room full of Brown Mold which knocked Monitus—out.

Finally, they found some excitement in the form of a Bearded Devil guarding a double doorway. He was defeated and the doors opened to reveal a library. There was a robed Dwarf whom Ampersand identified as Koldun, a nobleman from Greystone, but more importantly, his bodyguard was the ghost of Brolok, whose killer Drolok and Krolok had been searching for all this time. Koldun ordered Brolok to attack and then teleported off and the group’s attacks seem to mostly just pass right through Brolok…

Where's the Wizard Pt. 1
Everyone finally meets up!

28-29th days of Olidammara, 816

Sherlock Gnomes, Nirinjan, Master Juba, Watson and Balthasar were returning to the ruins of Kanatir to look for clues on Zultan Kanatir’s whereabouts when they came upon Monitus, Ampersand, Krolok and Drolok locked in mortal combat with the ghost of Brolok. The more recently arrived group decided that it’d be best to help this other party out, and a couple of Nirinjan’s spells destroyed the ghost, although not before Drolok had been killed.

After some quick discussion of what everyone was doing here, it was revealed that both groups were on the trail of Zultan. Team “B” even offered a useful clue, that they had seen the Dwarven noble Koldun reading books from Zultan’s library and had teleported away, leaving the ghost to kill them. Sherlock quickly decided that Koldun should be arrested on the charges of raising undead and suspicion of being in cahoots with Zultan, and the others were more than happy to help.

Back at Greystone, thousands of gold pieces were pooled by Krolok, Ampersand and Monitus to get Drolok raised from the dead at the local temple of Moradin. They then went to the guardhouse to talk to Thom Fhranks about finding out where they could find Koldun. He directed them to Professor Zweigstein, who checked his records and gave them the location of Koldun’s manor house.

On the way there, they were stopped by a crying Halfling child. She said that her family had been attacked by Gnolls and needed help. Monitus had a gut feeling that something was wrong, so Master Juba stealthily snuck around amongst the trees to see what was going on, and Nirinjan transformed into a falcon to survey the area. They both found two (rather uninjured if not impatient looking) Halflings standing by a wagon. The Halflings were then revealed to be shape-shifting Doppelgangers, but with so much muscle from having both groups there, they were quickly defeated. It is getting late, and it looks as if a storm is brewing, but they are only a little over an hour away from the house of Koldun…

Where's the Wizard Pt. 2
Home invasion and S&M Devils

29th day of Olidammara, 816

     Our heroes arrived at Koldun’s estate and found it to be a large house accompanied by a smaller servants’ building and surrounded by an iron fence. There was a pair of guards waiting at the gate, so the group decided to sneak around to the back and scale the fence. Sherlock decided to take the direct approach and knock on the door with Watson, while Master Juba and Monitus would sneak in the back door. The rest of the group would wait outside, and should the others get into trouble, they would send Monitus’s cat out to get help.
     At the front door, Sherlock was answered by a Dwarf butler who informed him that his master was not home, but allowed him and his dog inside upon seeing their credentials. Meanwhile, Juba and Monitus found themselves in a stately dining room. They waited for the sounds of the detectives and the butler going upstairs before they exited and searched the entire first floor, finding nothing.
     Sherlock was having similar luck. He performed a cursory search of Koldun’s library, study and bedroom, but found nothing suspicious or incriminating. As they began to walk down the stairs, Master Juba and Monitus hid in one of the bedrooms and began to wait. Sherlock thanked the butler for his assistance and left, exiting the fence and circling around back to the rear of the estate but waiting outside the perimeter.
     Juba and Monitus soon grew tired of sitting alone with each other in a dark bedroom and cautiously opened the door to the main hall, only to find the butler still there. After an awkward and quick discussion with him, the butler bolted out the front door. Monitus sent his cat for help and followed Master Juba outside to try and tackle the butler before he reached the guards. Nirinjan and Ampersand rushed in through the dining room to help. Krolok and Drolok ran to the servant building, fearing reinforcements. Luckily the guards did not notice Master Juba tackle the poor butler and he was gainlessly interrogated in the main hall.
     The Dwarf brothers meanwhile, entered the other building and began systematically kicking down doors. They knocked the maid out with a strike from the haft of Krolok’s axe, but were much less forgiving against the guards they woke up. Krolok dealt a blow to one that caused him to fall down bleeding profusely, while Drolok dealt a critical hit to the other, sending his head flying. The brothers high-fived, then put on the dead guardsdwarves’s uniforms to take out the two up front. The guards were confused as to why the pair of day-shift guards would be approaching them so late at night, but their suspicions did not alert them in time to save them from falling victim to the mighty axes of the brothers Olok.
     Eventually, the whole party, including Sherlock and Watson who had heard the sounds of battle outside, met up in the main hall. Everyone went upstairs, bringing the bound, gagged and blindfolded butler with them. They searched the area more thoroughly, setting off a trapped drawer in the process. After much searching of the bedroom, a small secret room was found with a ladder leading up into the attic. Krolok bravely went first.
     A chain hanging from the ceiling seemed to spring to life and struck Krolok as he climbed up! In the small attic space, he found two Devils covered in chains. The room itself had many chains hanging from the walls, which the Devils seemed to animate and use to attack.
     Master Juba was next into the room, he swung on one of the chains in order to get behind the devils, then opened the nearest door and did a backflip down the stairs that he found. He was now in the secret sanctum of Koldun. Unfortunately, one of the Devils followed him down and knocked Juba out.
     Meanwhile, the battle in the attic raged on. The brothers Olok did quite well in melee, while Ampersand provided support with her songs and unseen servant and Nirinjan used her Call Lightning spell to great effect. Monitus summoned a Celestial Eagle who flew above the fray and struck at the Devils with its holy power, but mostly stayed downstairs with Sherlock Gnomes, Watson and Balthasar.
     After the battle was won, Krolok opened the other doors and found a prisoner in one of the small rooms. Unfortunately, stepping in to save him triggered a trap which injured Krolok and killed the poor prisoner. Downstairs, some treasure was found, as well as a mysterious black coffin and a journal detailing Koldun’s plans. It seems that a huge blood sacrifice may restore Zultan Kanatir’s powers, and Koldun will soon be attacking the village of Northledge in order to accomplish this. With little time to waste, the heroes left the manor house of Koldun as it burned to the ground.

Nightmare for Northledge
The adventures of Leibowitz

29-30th days of Olidammara, 816

     Having left the burning house of Koldun, the group stopped off at the nearby village of Haugsmeed to stay the night and get information on how to get to Northledge. The innkeeper was offended when Sherlock accused Koldun of being evil, so most of the group ended up sleeping outside, while Sherlock and Krolok stayed in the “Bridal Sweet” (the stables).
     The next morning, Sherlock went to the local guard house to ask for assistance with the protection of Northledge. They were given Sgt. Leibowitz and Private Jones to take along.
     Upon reaching the outskirts of the town, it was decided that the group should split up. Nirinjan, Ampersand, Drolok and Jones circled around to the other side, while Sherlock and Watson, Krolok, Monitus, Master Juba and Leibowitz would enter from the South side of the city. No sooner had they entered than a rock came hurtling above their heads. A Stone Giant named Andre stepped out from behind a building and told them to leave. Monitus tried to stall for time by talking to Andre, so that Sherlock could disguise Krolok as Koldun, but Andre responded by throwing another rock, this time seriously injuring Monitus. The group then leaped into action, attacking the giant.
     It was a hard battle, but the group eventually got the upper hand thanks to a combination of Monitus’s “Belt-Be-Gone” spell, Watson’s tripping ability and Master Juba’s Immovable Rod. After he fell unconscious, Sherlock dressed his wounds and manacled him.
     In the center of the village, the heroes found a group of Zultan cultists loading peasants into a wagon, guarded by a Cleric and two Zombies. Leibowitz and Krolok easily took out the cultists, and the Cleric and Zombie soon followed. Midway through the fight, Nirinjan showed up to check on the other group, and after the battle Master Juba left to join the other group. Monitus went to free the peasants, and they told him that Koldun’s men had been taking villagers somewhere to the East, and that he was holed up in the guardhouse with a large Zombie, as well as the rest of the townsfolk. Leibowitz used the cart to take the unconscious and manacled priest and giant back to Haugsmeed, while the rest of the party went to settle the score with Koldun.
     Krolok kicked down the door to reveal the wizard and his guardian, a large undead creature made of many different bodies stitched together. Koldun was knocked out without too much trouble, although he did put a curse on Watson, and a mind control spell on Krolok. The creature proved much harder to fight. Monitus identified it as a Flesh Golem, but not before Nirinjan had healed it with some electric attacks. Monitus also used a Color Spray to stun Krolok, who was attacking his teammates, and Sherlock as usual arrested him. Even after the enchantment wore off, Sherlock wasn’t convinced that it was safe to let Krolok out of his manacles, but the Dwarf was so driven towards revenge that he ran over to Koldun’s unconscious body and strangled him with his manacles, popping his head off. While Sherlock and Krolok debated the morality of this action, the Golem went berserk, lumbering around the room smashing walls and was eventually destroyed.
     Several of the villagers were saved, but many more had been already been carted off, almost definitely to Kanatir. They face being sacrificed to the Infernal Powers if someone doesn’t save them soon…

Evil Eliminated
Zultan is found and banished

30th day of Olidammara, 816

Some of the party was tired or low on spells, but it was decided that there wasn’t a moment to lose; every passing minute could mean another innocent villager sacrificed to the Infernal Powers. Our heroes quickly began the long trek to Kanatir.
Upon arriving, they found that a skirmish had already taken place. Several cultists were dead on the ground, and standing over them was a small squad of guardsmen led by none other than Thom Fhranks. News of what had happened to Northledge quickly reached Greystone and Thom decided that the best course of action would be to head to Kanatir.
Inside, they found a horrifying amount of dead bodies, each with their throat ritualistically slit, as well as a large group of villagers still bound and awaiting their grizzly fate. Sherlock and Watson decided to free the prisoners and get them out, while the rest of the group descended further into the ruins.
As the old Dwarven elevator groaned to a stop on the bottom floor, the group saw that the entire area was lit by an eerie red glow. Turning the corner, they saw Zultan Kanatir standing in the chamber they had theorized was used for blood sacrifice, and was now indeed stained red with the blood of over a hundred peasants. He boasted that already his powers were returning, and indeed, black tendrils of smoke-like energy were emanating from a small glowing portal in the wall and wrapping themselves around the lich’s body. To make matters worse, some of the undead Dwarves from below began to run towards the party, their eyes glowing red and clearly no longer docile.
Drolok, Thom and the guardsmen charged the Dwarves; Krolok and Balthasar attacked Zultan; and Nirinjan, Master Juba and Ampersand provided ranged support. The Dwarves proved to be not much of a challenge, but Zultan on the other hand was heavily armored and hard to injure. To make matters worse, as the portal grew in size, evil Lemures began to pour into the room. Nirinjan successfully targeted Zultan with her trademark lightning bolts, but it didn’t look like it would be enough to kill him before he fully powered up and easily took out the party. Luckily, Ampersand caught him off guard with a Blindness spell, which gave Krolok the edge he needed to use the Rolokxe’s special ability to knock Zultan back through the portal and into the plane of Devils. As the portal began to close, Master Juba ran up and put his Immovable Rod over, the portal, preventing Zultan from passing back through. With a howl of rage, Zultan blasted Krolok with one last magical curse before the portal sealed up over his arm. That smoking, armored husk is all that would remain of Zultan Kanatir on this plane of existence. The underpowered and unlikely forces of justice had prevailed over their ancient foe.
What happened to our heroes after defeating Zultan

1-14th days of Fharlanghn, 816


Having helped defeat the evil Lich Zultan, & is more famous than ever as a singer. She no longer has to work as a serving wench thanks to the money she has acquired while adventuring and the fact that every night there is a crowd of people waiting to hear her sing.


Drolok has finished his quest to recover Brolok’s body and avenge his death. With the ruins of Kanatir habitable again, he has decided to travel back to his nomadic tribe and try to convince them to attempt to reestablish a thriving permanent Dwarven community.


Like Drolok, Krolok is happy to have killed Koldun and defeated Zultan and it is a special honor to have recovered the axe that has been passed down in his family for a thousand years. He is now free to decide whether to settle at Kanatir with his brother and tribe, to set off on his own or to continue to prove his strength as a warrior with his new companions.

Master Juba

After returning to Greystone, Master Juba found a judge waiting for him with a recently discovered secret will left by his parents. He is now the proud owner of a palatial estate in the heart of Greystone, as well as a large ship moored in the Ceberry River.


Owing to his vast improvement in magical power, the Circle of Magi has decided to declare Monitus an apprentice wizard no more. He has been awarded the full status of a Mage, and access to almost all of the magical research materials the Library of Greystone has to offer.

Nirinjan and Balthasar

Nirinjan has quickly advanced from a simple initiate running errands for the Druid High Priestess of Nagara to the point that she has now been awarded the rank of High Priestess herself. However, since she has proved so effective at combating evil on her travels that she is not required to settle down and train other Druids, instead it is just asked of her that she continue to destroy the enemies of the natural order wherever they may be found.

Sherlock Gnomes and Watson

While personally disappointed that Zultan was not officially brought to justice, the City of Greystone on the other hand could not be happier with Sherlock Gnomes’s performance. They wish to award him (in addition to a large cash bounty) the honor of becoming a Judge so that he may carry real legal power during his investigations into the crime of the city and surrounding area.

Thom Fhranks

Thom has never been very charismatic, which made him seem a relatively poor choice for leadership in the City Guard. However, his bravery in the events of the past few weeks have earned him the respect of both the enlisted men and his superiors. He is now a First Lieutenant with the authority to command a thousand soldiers in time of war.

The Angry Wife
Aravis leads the group on a quest for justice

15th day of Fharlanghn, 816

     Krolok, Ampersand and Monitus were enjoying some time off with Master Juba at his estate when a Half-Elf woman came calling. She introduced herself as Aravis, a former member of the Teeth of Slar gang. Aravis had originally been in it for the gold, but balked when Ahgul Slar began killing innocents unnecessarily. Master Juba’s parents were among those that Slar had personally killed and she offered to help avenge their deaths.
     The party was skeptical of this stranger, but they decided to check out her story by going with her to the Angry Wife, Slar’s tavern. They found an Ogre wearing a top-hat standing outside, clearly the bouncer. Since he would undoubtedly recognize Aravis, it was decided that Monitus and Ampersand would attempt to go inside while Krolok kept an eye on the newcomer. Juba was, as usual, hiding on the rooftop.
     Biff the Ogre told them that it was a private party and they weren’t allowed in, but Monitus cleverly told him that Ampersand was the night’s entertainment. After a stirring demonstration of her vocal ability, Biff begrudgingly let them in and told them to talk to Gruzz, the bartender.
     Inside, they found about a dozen gang members, mostly Humans and Half-Orcs, as well as a dirty Halfling playing the piano. Monitus convinced Gruzz to let Ampersand sing, (Gruzz threw a bottle at the Halfling, knocking him out) but this proved to be somewhat of a mistake. Once she began singing, Gruzz recognized her as one of the famous adventurers and associate of Master Juba. Monitus gave him a piece of paper with Exploding Runes on it and sent his cat out to get the others. The bartender (and several thugs near him) were engulfed in flame and shrapnel, but the others in the bar were so entranced with Ampersand’s magical song that they didn’t notice or care. Ampersand even took a couple out with her whip mid-song.
     Meanwhile, the group waiting outside saw the cat run out the door and under Biff’s legs and lept into action. Master Juba jumped down onto the Ogre with a sneak attack, gravely injuring him. Then Krolok and Aravis joined the battle with axe and arrows. Though the Ogre was large and powerful, he could not last long against the three seasoned warriors. The remainder of the gang inside offered little resistance against the entire group.
     After the battle, Juba revived Twindle “Twittpuff” Pyfey the Halfling in order to get some information out of him. The small bard took an instant… err… liking to Krolok and was more than happy to help. He led them downstairs, where there was a secret door to Slar’s private study. Inside the room they found what appeared to be a powerful monk, but turned out to be just a weak sorcerer named Dink Butterman with an illusion cast on himself. He turned invisible and offered to give information in exchange for his life.
     As it turned out, Slar had recently left on his ship, the Uza Slar, to some mysterious island. Dink could not say why his boss was going there, but he did have a map to the island, as well as a chest with 5,000 gold pieces to buy his freedom. The heroes were merciful and let Dink sneak off, but decided that their next course of actions should be to get on Master Juba’s ship and try and catch up to Ahgul Slar.

On A Boat
The group sails in search of Ahgul Slar

16-30th days of Fharlanghn, 816

      Master Juba and his companions now had both a map leading them to Ahgul Slar, and the means to get there. However, before they could reach the boat, they had a strange encounter. The party was stopped in the street by a strange sight: 7 robed men, the apparent leader of whom had hair that appeared to be turning into leaves and skin like bark. A squirrel hopped down from his shoulder with a scroll introducing himself as Lord Melancthon. He offered to help the party with their adventure if in return they would help him on his journey when the time was right. The heroes decided that they would take his offer, at least temporarily.
      After two weeks at sea with Captain William Husker, things were looking grim. One stormy evening, Aravis, spotted a ship in the distance flying Slar’s flag while on watch in the crow’s nest. Their quarry’s ship was faster, but Melancthon summoned a magical wind to help catch them. While closing on Slar, he and his minions began firing ballista bolts at the party, damaging their ship. Monitus responded by casting Fly on Krolok, who worked himself into a rage while hurtling through the sky towards the ship and Nirinjan transformed into a great sea hawk to call lightning down upon them. The Gnoll marines and sailors aboard Slar’s ship put up little resistance against these powerful adventurers, until Ahgul Slar himself came up from below the deck. He challenged Juba to one on one combat, and they began to duel on the stairs of the ship.
      Almost all the Gnolls were defeated and everyone except for Master Juba began to rest on their laurels, when out of nowhere a gargantuan tentacle rose out of the water and knocked Aravis out with a single blow. A Kraken had joined the fray and began tearing into both ships’ hulls, as well as lashing out on anyone standing on deck. Juba threatened Slar into a temporary truce for as long as the great sea monster was our destroying everything in sight. Slar accepted and boldly jumped into the water to slash it with his sword. Melancthon, on the other hand, had a different idea. He called five of his devoted followers up and ordered them to jump into the water with the giant squid. They each unrolled a scroll, and then there was a great explosion, followed by a cloud of steam and raining chunks of kraken meat. When the air cleared, there was no sign left of either the kraken or Ahgul Slar.
      It was a victory for our team, but both ships had been badly damaged by the battle. Fate was kind however, and Captain Husker spotted land. Some of the Gnoll crewmen were taken on board as prisoners, and everyone soon found themselves crash landed on a strange island, thick with jungle. Could this be where Ahgul Slar was originally headed?

The Lost Island Pt. 1
Exploring a dangerous island

31st day of Fharlanghn, 816

      With supplies beginning to run low and their ship in need of serious repairs, our heroes decided to explore the island in search of food and fresh water. Through wild shaping into an eagle, Nirinjan was able to scout out most of the island, finding an old pyramid in the middle, in front of which a village of savage Neanderthals had been built. After returning to camp to report this, Krolok and Balthasar decided to go hunting; Monitus, Juba and Tales the hedgehog went on foot to the temple, Nirinjan flew back to spy on the village some more while the others stayed at camp to help set up for their survival.
      Unfortunately for them, Monitus and Juba were ambushed by six of the Neanderthals on the way. Greatly outnumbered, things did not look so good, with Monitus getting clubbed and knocked out early on and Master Juba coming close to being defeated as well. The true hero of the battle was little Tales, who clawed and bit the faces of the Neanderthals in a wild rage until they were all defeated. They decided to cut the expedition short and return to camp for the night, where the hunters had returned with a feast of wild boar.
      During the night, while Ampersand and Juba were guarding the camp, a group of large bipedal reptiles attacked. During the battle, the ship was sustained minor fire damage, which had to be put out by a Water Elemental Nirinjan summoned. The monsters were eventually slain and the rest of the night passed without incident. Now the group is debating whether to risk investigating this curious pyramid or to simply fix their boat and leave this inhospitable island as soon as possible.

The Lost Island Pt. 2
Exploring the ancient temple

1-7th day of Pelor, 816

     After spending several days repairing the ship and guarding their camp from any more Dinosaur or Neanderthal attacks, the group was ready to leave. However, the strange pyramid shaped structure at the center of the island seemed too tempting to pass up, so our heroes decided to investigate its interior.
     The strange dungeon was filled with several tricks and traps, as well a few monstrous guardians. The very first room they came to featured not only a deadly Naga who attacked them with Lightning Bolts, but also a false room that triggered a collapsing ceiling. Luckily, this trap was triggered by an unseen servant, then investigated further after Krolok had torn the door off its hinges and Juba had used his immovable rod as a safety mechanism. There was also a dead-end room filled with statues. The party worried they might be animated guardians waiting to attack, but instead the room was found to contain the Naga’s treasure.
     Leaving that area, they found a sort of shrine-room, with runes written on the floor. Unfortunately, Monitus was unable to decipher them. As they advanced down the hallway leading to a flight of stairs, Nirinjan and Balthasar fell down a trap door that opened into a 70 foot pit but Melancthon was ready with a Feather Fall spell to save them. The pit opened up into a natural cavern, but the group decided to investigate the upper passages first.
     Next, our heroes came upon a very large room with a 60 foot high ceiling and a large Air Elemental in it. In what turned out to be a lucky move, they ended up fighting it in the hallway outside the room. This came in handy once they realized that gravity in the room reversed itself every minute, leading to some close calls with people almost “falling” up and crushing themselves on the ceiling.
     Things calmed down for a while after the reverse gravity room. A long, snaking passage inexplicably filled with crushed bones gradually worked its way up through the pyramid, leading to an abandoned dining room. In the hallway outside the banquet hall, another trap was narrowly avoided as Master Juba and Krolok jumped out of the way of being boxed into a small compartment, which then began filling with water. Lord Melancthon’s follower Calvin used a stone shaping spell and drained the water as well as making a passage they could continue through.
     This passage led to a long abandoned alchemy lab. It seemed empty at first, but then the party began to be attacked by a pair of invisible assailants. The battle was frustrating, as the heroes were growing tired and it was difficult to defeat enemies that could not be seen. In the end however, the prevailed and decided to hole up in the lab and rest before continuing on.


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