Kanatir Killing
The ruins of Kanatir are explored

28th day of Obad-Hai-4th day of Olidammara, 816

Our heroes returned to the ruins of Kanatir and began to explore the lower sections. These areas had clearly not been opened up in hundreds of years and they found many Dwarves who appeared to have been zombified in some manner. There were many other signs of foul play in Kanatir, including several Devils which the party defeated.

At the bottom of the fortress, they found Zultan Kanatir, the Lich King of Kanatir. He was much too powerful for the group to handle but did not harm them, although he did escape. They then spent a few days recovering and loading up the Magic Wagon which had returned to them with loot to take back to Greystone.

Sewers Suck
Travelling to the sewers for some kobold hunting

5-8th days of Olidammara, 816

After returning from Kanatir, Sherlock Gnomes found orders waiting for him to help investigate a crime. The Circle of Magi, tasked with regulating magic within the city, had noticed a large quantity of counterfeit potions of Cure Light Wounds being sold.

The party tracked these potions to the sewers underneath the city, eventually finding a tribe of Kobolds burrowed underneath. The leader of the tribe was a Kobold Sorcerer who had been making the potions out of Kobold blood, which made them less potent. He was defeated and the group gladly left the sewers.

Tracking Tessa
Team "B" meets up and tracks down the Skull Dragon gang

23-24th days of Olidammara, 816

Each member of the party happened to be in Sparrow’s Point Pub for a different reason. Krolok and Drolok were trying to track down the Skull Dragons, who they had heard may have had something to do with their brother Brolok’s disappearance. Monitus had chosen the Skull Dragons to be the first evil-doers to receive his own brand of vigilante justice, although it was convenient that the girl he had a crush on happened to work there as well. Ampersand was just working there along with her friend Tessa Kimkal

Without warning, Karl Moraug, leader of the Skull Dragons and a gang of thugs burst in and ran off with Tessa. Everyone teamed up to fight the gang and decided to try and head them off at a known Skull Dragon hideout. The newly formed group found a few gang members hanging out there (as well as a bear) but no sign of Tessa, although there was a map leading them to Karl’s house.

As they were leaving the hideout, an Imp and two Zombies burst in the door. Clearly there was something more to this than a simple kidnapping. More Zombies were found at Karl’s house, as well as a priest who had sacrificed Tessa and Karl in some evil ritual. The captured Imp explained under duress that the priest was from a group called the Heralds of Zultan who had paid the gang to rob fresh graves so that they’d have bodies to raise. When questioned as to where the party could find these Heralds of Zultan, the Imp explained that the only thing he knew was that one of them was supposed to meet up with a band of Troglodytes on the other side of the Ceberry River in two days.

Dragon Detectives Pt. 1
Most of Team "A" embark on a dragon-slaying quest

9-17th days of Olidammara, 816

Sherlock Gnomes, upset about the still unsolved mystery of the Lich they found in the bottom of the abandoned fortress, decided that Watson may be able to shed some light on the case if only he could communicate with him. After conferring with Nirinjan, they decided to travel to Nagara to ask her teacher Pandita to Awaken Watson. Thom Fhranks accompanied them, but Master Juba decided to stay behind for a bit.

When they reached Nagara and spoke with Pandita, he explained that there were two options to the Awakening ritual. He could cast the spell normally, and Watson would be just a dog with heightened intelligence and the ability to talk, or they could use the brain of an intelligent magical creature as part of the spell and he would be much more powerful. Conveniently, Pandita knew of a juvenile Black Dragon dwelling somewhere in the Driftwood Marshes, being raised by a tribe of Lizardmen. He also recommended that they seek out the tomb of Hérion, a great Elven dragon slayer, and use his sword to help defeat the beast. Once this plan was settled upon, Nirinjan completed the Druidic initiation ceremony, making her a full-fledged Druid and giving her the ability to wild shape.

After a couple days of travel, the group reached the Tomb of Hérion. Things got off to a rocky start when the ground they were walking on collapsed into the home of an angry Ankheg. Then, they had to defeat the animated statue guardians of the tomb, two elven warriors and a huge dragon. However, they recovered the sword and headed North to the marshes.

The marshes were dark and foreboding, and the party was on its guard. Near the end of the second day of travel, they happened upon a campfire. Sherlock disguised himself as a tree and approached it to investigate. He found an aged Half-orc woman sitting on a log eating mutton. Since Gnomes had learned the Orcish language, he attempted to use his Ghost Noises spell to speak with her, but it became apparent that she did not speak the language. When she got up to investigate the disturbance, she shape shifted into her true form, an Annis, the dreaded marsh hag. The rest of the group came to his rescue, and thanks to some of Nirinjan’s lightning bolts, she was defeated and the party made camp for the night.

Troglodyte Trouble
Team "B" travels to a cave, slaughters group of annoying stinky lizard people

25-26th days of Olidammara, 816

Wanting to learn more about the Heralds of Zultan, Ampersand, Drolok, Krolok and Monitus headed out of the city on the advice of the imp from the previous encounter. There, as expected they found several Troglodytes, as well as a couple of vicious Monitor Lizards and some Monstrous Spiders. The most impressive kill-shot was probably when Monitus cleverly used his Grease spell on the largest spider to trip it, which Krolok followed up on by setting it on fire and killing it with a leaping swing of his axe.

After clearing out the Troglodytes, the party was left badly bruised, low on spells and poisoned by spiders. As they exited the cave, weary to fight another battle, the agent of the Heralds of Zultan they were looking for swooped down on a large zombified Wyvern. Luckily, a battle that may have ended very poorly for the heroes was avoiding thanks to Monitus’s Charm Person spell. After being charmed, Delbur Cloestorm was very forthcoming with information, telling them about a midnight meeting of the Heralds the night after tomorrow.

Dragon Detectives Pt. 2
Master Juba reunites with the rest of Team "A" and defeats the dragon

18-27th days of Olidammara, 816

Shortly after waking from their sleep, Master Juba showed up in the Magic Wagon. The situation was explained and Blade of Hérion given to him, as it could only be used by an Elf or Half-elf.

While traveling through the marsh, the group was ambushed by a band of Lizardmen. They were dispatched with relative ease and Sherlock Gnomes interrogated their leader into giving them the location of the dragon. Nirinjan assumed the form of a bird to scout the area, they found four more Lizardmen waiting in front of the entrance to a cave, clearly the dragon’s lair. Their positions scouted out, the group moved around the back to the top of the hill and prepared an ambush of their own, rolling logs and boulders down upon the Lizardmen, seriously injuring one. The rest were once again dispatched, Balthasar dealing the final blow to almost all of them.

This left just the dragon, who opened the fight with a vicious spray of acid that struck Nirinjan and Thom Fhranks. It was a brutal fight, the dragon’s jaws and talons dealt much damage, but in the end, the combination of Juba attacking with the dragon-slaying blade and Nirinjan using bolts of lightning in conjuncture with Sherlock’s flasks of oil won out. The wagon was loaded with the carcass and the thousands of coins from the dragon’s hoard and they left for Nagara.

There the Blade of Hérion was returned (for a hefty reward) and the ritual to Awaken Watson began. Watson gained intelligence higher than most of the group, even rivaling Sherlock, and several levels as a Barbarian! Sherlock and Watson discussed their next move over a game of chess, and decided the best course of action would be to try and return to Kanatir and pick up the trail there…

Dungeons & Dwarves Pt. 1
Team "B" fails to crash a gathering of evil-doers, then pays a visit to their local library

27-28th days of Olidammara, 816

Still on the trail of the Heralds of Zultan, the party decided to storm the meeting that Delbur Cloestorm told them about back at the Troglodyte cave.

They went to the slum district at midnight and approached the warehouse Delbur spoke of. They saw him standing guard, but when Krolok went up to him, he saw that the warrior of Zultan had been killed and reanimated as a zombie! Four Troglodyte zombies then joined the battle under the direction of an evil Dwarven Cleric. It was a relatively hard-fought battle, the group wishing to save their strength for possible other encounters, but in the end they prevailed. The doors to the warehouse were magically trapped, but luckily Ampersand used her Unseen Servant to open them, setting it off harmlessly. The inside was bare, it appeared that not only did the Heralds of Zultan leave zombies and traps for the heroes, but they moved their base of operation in anticipation as well.

The next day, without anything else to go on, the party headed to The Library of Greystone to research Zultan Kanatir. They met Mrs. Professor Zweigstein, who helped them learn about the fate of Kanatir. Since they believe Zultan to be free, it is evident that Kanatir is no longer sealed, so they have decided that that shall be their next stop.

Dungeons & Dwarves Pt. 2
Team "B" explore the ruins of Kanatir, end up back in another library

28th day of Olidammara, 816

On the way to Kanatir, the group was accosted by a pair of Ogre bandits. Krolok leaped forward and dealt one of them a serious blow to start the fight, and they put up surprisingly little resistance after that. The Ogres had apparently had a decent career prior to this however, as the party liberated quite a bit of treasure from them, including a pair of Gloves of Lightning.

The heroes figured they had found the entrance to the ruins when they found a cave guarded by Lemure Devils. These were also dispatched and the group descended into the ruins. They soon came across a secret door and after a bit of puzzling, figured out that they had to open it by pouring a liquid into the center of the room. This was not figured out until after Monitus had suggested that Krolok lick the floor, which he then ridiculed him for going through with.

The main section of Kanatir was found to be quite abandoned and decrepit. There were many mindless gray-skinned Dwarves milling about, but they provided no clues or assistance. The only living thing they encountered was a room full of Brown Mold which knocked Monitus—out.

Finally, they found some excitement in the form of a Bearded Devil guarding a double doorway. He was defeated and the doors opened to reveal a library. There was a robed Dwarf whom Ampersand identified as Koldun, a nobleman from Greystone, but more importantly, his bodyguard was the ghost of Brolok, whose killer Drolok and Krolok had been searching for all this time. Koldun ordered Brolok to attack and then teleported off and the group’s attacks seem to mostly just pass right through Brolok…

Where's the Wizard Pt. 1
Everyone finally meets up!

28-29th days of Olidammara, 816

Sherlock Gnomes, Nirinjan, Master Juba, Watson and Balthasar were returning to the ruins of Kanatir to look for clues on Zultan Kanatir’s whereabouts when they came upon Monitus, Ampersand, Krolok and Drolok locked in mortal combat with the ghost of Brolok. The more recently arrived group decided that it’d be best to help this other party out, and a couple of Nirinjan’s spells destroyed the ghost, although not before Drolok had been killed.

After some quick discussion of what everyone was doing here, it was revealed that both groups were on the trail of Zultan. Team “B” even offered a useful clue, that they had seen the Dwarven noble Koldun reading books from Zultan’s library and had teleported away, leaving the ghost to kill them. Sherlock quickly decided that Koldun should be arrested on the charges of raising undead and suspicion of being in cahoots with Zultan, and the others were more than happy to help.

Back at Greystone, thousands of gold pieces were pooled by Krolok, Ampersand and Monitus to get Drolok raised from the dead at the local temple of Moradin. They then went to the guardhouse to talk to Thom Fhranks about finding out where they could find Koldun. He directed them to Professor Zweigstein, who checked his records and gave them the location of Koldun’s manor house.

On the way there, they were stopped by a crying Halfling child. She said that her family had been attacked by Gnolls and needed help. Monitus had a gut feeling that something was wrong, so Master Juba stealthily snuck around amongst the trees to see what was going on, and Nirinjan transformed into a falcon to survey the area. They both found two (rather uninjured if not impatient looking) Halflings standing by a wagon. The Halflings were then revealed to be shape-shifting Doppelgangers, but with so much muscle from having both groups there, they were quickly defeated. It is getting late, and it looks as if a storm is brewing, but they are only a little over an hour away from the house of Koldun…

Where's the Wizard Pt. 2
Home invasion and S&M Devils

29th day of Olidammara, 816

     Our heroes arrived at Koldun’s estate and found it to be a large house accompanied by a smaller servants’ building and surrounded by an iron fence. There was a pair of guards waiting at the gate, so the group decided to sneak around to the back and scale the fence. Sherlock decided to take the direct approach and knock on the door with Watson, while Master Juba and Monitus would sneak in the back door. The rest of the group would wait outside, and should the others get into trouble, they would send Monitus’s cat out to get help.
     At the front door, Sherlock was answered by a Dwarf butler who informed him that his master was not home, but allowed him and his dog inside upon seeing their credentials. Meanwhile, Juba and Monitus found themselves in a stately dining room. They waited for the sounds of the detectives and the butler going upstairs before they exited and searched the entire first floor, finding nothing.
     Sherlock was having similar luck. He performed a cursory search of Koldun’s library, study and bedroom, but found nothing suspicious or incriminating. As they began to walk down the stairs, Master Juba and Monitus hid in one of the bedrooms and began to wait. Sherlock thanked the butler for his assistance and left, exiting the fence and circling around back to the rear of the estate but waiting outside the perimeter.
     Juba and Monitus soon grew tired of sitting alone with each other in a dark bedroom and cautiously opened the door to the main hall, only to find the butler still there. After an awkward and quick discussion with him, the butler bolted out the front door. Monitus sent his cat for help and followed Master Juba outside to try and tackle the butler before he reached the guards. Nirinjan and Ampersand rushed in through the dining room to help. Krolok and Drolok ran to the servant building, fearing reinforcements. Luckily the guards did not notice Master Juba tackle the poor butler and he was gainlessly interrogated in the main hall.
     The Dwarf brothers meanwhile, entered the other building and began systematically kicking down doors. They knocked the maid out with a strike from the haft of Krolok’s axe, but were much less forgiving against the guards they woke up. Krolok dealt a blow to one that caused him to fall down bleeding profusely, while Drolok dealt a critical hit to the other, sending his head flying. The brothers high-fived, then put on the dead guardsdwarves’s uniforms to take out the two up front. The guards were confused as to why the pair of day-shift guards would be approaching them so late at night, but their suspicions did not alert them in time to save them from falling victim to the mighty axes of the brothers Olok.
     Eventually, the whole party, including Sherlock and Watson who had heard the sounds of battle outside, met up in the main hall. Everyone went upstairs, bringing the bound, gagged and blindfolded butler with them. They searched the area more thoroughly, setting off a trapped drawer in the process. After much searching of the bedroom, a small secret room was found with a ladder leading up into the attic. Krolok bravely went first.
     A chain hanging from the ceiling seemed to spring to life and struck Krolok as he climbed up! In the small attic space, he found two Devils covered in chains. The room itself had many chains hanging from the walls, which the Devils seemed to animate and use to attack.
     Master Juba was next into the room, he swung on one of the chains in order to get behind the devils, then opened the nearest door and did a backflip down the stairs that he found. He was now in the secret sanctum of Koldun. Unfortunately, one of the Devils followed him down and knocked Juba out.
     Meanwhile, the battle in the attic raged on. The brothers Olok did quite well in melee, while Ampersand provided support with her songs and unseen servant and Nirinjan used her Call Lightning spell to great effect. Monitus summoned a Celestial Eagle who flew above the fray and struck at the Devils with its holy power, but mostly stayed downstairs with Sherlock Gnomes, Watson and Balthasar.
     After the battle was won, Krolok opened the other doors and found a prisoner in one of the small rooms. Unfortunately, stepping in to save him triggered a trap which injured Krolok and killed the poor prisoner. Downstairs, some treasure was found, as well as a mysterious black coffin and a journal detailing Koldun’s plans. It seems that a huge blood sacrifice may restore Zultan Kanatir’s powers, and Koldun will soon be attacking the village of Northledge in order to accomplish this. With little time to waste, the heroes left the manor house of Koldun as it burned to the ground.


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