Sewers Suck
Travelling to the sewers for some kobold hunting

5-8th days of Olidammara, 816

After returning from Kanatir, Sherlock Gnomes found orders waiting for him to help investigate a crime. The Circle of Magi, tasked with regulating magic within the city, had noticed a large quantity of counterfeit potions of Cure Light Wounds being sold.

The party tracked these potions to the sewers underneath the city, eventually finding a tribe of Kobolds burrowed underneath. The leader of the tribe was a Kobold Sorcerer who had been making the potions out of Kobold blood, which made them less potent. He was defeated and the group gladly left the sewers.

Kanatir Killing
The ruins of Kanatir are explored

28th day of Obad-Hai-4th day of Olidammara, 816

Our heroes returned to the ruins of Kanatir and began to explore the lower sections. These areas had clearly not been opened up in hundreds of years and they found many Dwarves who appeared to have been zombified in some manner. There were many other signs of foul play in Kanatir, including several Devils which the party defeated.

At the bottom of the fortress, they found Zultan Kanatir, the Lich King of Kanatir. He was much too powerful for the group to handle but did not harm them, although he did escape. They then spent a few days recovering and loading up the Magic Wagon which had returned to them with loot to take back to Greystone.

Mystery Miners
A trail is followed to an illicit mining operation

26-27th day of Obad-Hai, 816

Still trying to solve what’s really going on behind the murder of Ardeche P. Serrieres, the team follows the Gnolls’ trail back to a cave, where it appears they have been excavating some ancient ruins. They defeat many Gnolls and other creatures, then meet up with Aldin Osbourne, who is behind all of this and subdue him.

Aldin is taken back to Greystone to be handed over to the proper authorities. Between Sherlock’s interrogation of the prisoner and some research done at the library, they learn that the ruins were probably those of Kanatir. It is decided that they should travel back to the site to investigate further.

The gang meet up and attempt to solve a murder

25th day of Obad-Hai, 816

Ardeche P. Serrieres, the Halfling from last adventure, has been murdered. Sherlock Gnomes, with the assistance of City Guardsman Thom Fhranks have been brought in to investigate, and circumstantial evidence links Nirinjan and Master Juba to the crime.

They follow the trail of a wagon that Ardeche was hired to guard and find it under attack by a group of Gnolls led by Alistair Osbourne, a Necromancer that Nirinjan and Ardeche had met a couple nights earlier. Alistair is killed during the battle, and the group begins to follow a trail leading into the hills, but camp for the night.

Hightower Hijinks
Nirinjan's First Adventure

21-24th days of Obad-Hai, 816

Nirinjan, Half-Elven Druid and initiate of Ehlonna, was tasked with delivering a message from Nagara to High Priestess Ayuddha in the city of Greystone.

A couple days into her journey, a great spring storm caused her to seek shelter in the ruins of Hightower. There she met with a few other travelers, Francis MacArthur, Ardeche P. Serrieres, and Alistair Osbourne. Together they defeated several evil beasts lurking in the caves, then went their separate ways.


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