Tag: druid


  • Nirinjan

    Nirinjan's mother was an Elven gypsy whore and her father was a human [[Greystone]] politician. Her father refused to support her mother financially so she sold Nirinjan to the Druids of [[Nagara]]. She worked for the Druids as a servant (explaining her …

  • Pandita

    [[:nirinjan]]'s former teacher and servant of [[:eckon-gar]]. He is the one who cast _Awaken_ on [[:watson]].

  • Eckon'gar

    A female Druid, leader of all the Druids in the area. She is a trusted adviser to King [[:ava-nipati]].

  • Yogini

    An evil Elven Druid who has dwelled in [[Lonsalindel]] for hundreds of years. She was accused of starting the Great Plague of 816 there and accidentally murdered by a group of adventurers investigating the disease. This would have sparked a full on race …