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  • Ayuddha

    A young Elven Cleric of [[Ehlonna]]. Originally from [[Nagara]], she moved to [[Greystone]] and now is the head of the temple of Ehlonna there. As a High Priestess, she serves on the [[Council of Greystone]] and is currently one of the temporary …

  • Ampersand

    h4. Early Life Lady Krisaga Hollysword the Bard was raised along with nine other siblings on the top of the highest mountain in [[Lonsalindel]]. She spent much of her childhood frolicking around the mountaintop with her best friend and neighbor, [[: …

  • Hérion

    Elven hero of [[Nagara]] who fought in [[The Dragon Wars]]. Was buried in the [[Deepwoods]] forest along with his sword, [[:dragonslayer|The Blade of Hérion]].

  • Dha'Armika

    A 300 year old Elf from [[Niguu'dha]] who believes that only through education and tolerance will Humans and Elves be able to live together in peace. She has spent half of her life on this goal, as well as the study of magic. She is a Grand Wizard of the …

  • Pandita

    [[:nirinjan]]'s former teacher and servant of [[:eckon-gar]]. He is the one who cast _Awaken_ on [[:watson]].

  • Ava'nipati

    King of [[Nagara]]. Not much about him is known even to the Elves of that city, much less the outside world.

  • Eckon'gar

    A female Druid, leader of all the Druids in the area. She is a trusted adviser to King [[:ava-nipati]].

  • Yogini

    An evil Elven Druid who has dwelled in [[Lonsalindel]] for hundreds of years. She was accused of starting the Great Plague of 816 there and accidentally murdered by a group of adventurers investigating the disease. This would have sparked a full on race …