Circle of Magi

In 181 g.c., the Circle of Magi was founded in Greystone as a school to train magic users and also to regulate and monitor magical forces in the area. It is now a powerful organization, with hundreds of mages as members, some of whom are very powerful.


Members are assigned a rank based on the highest level spell they are able to cast. A character is not considered a full member of the Circle of Magi until they can cast 3rd level spells, until then they are still a student who operates under the supervision of a full mage.

Spell Level Rank
None Apprentice
0 Initiate – Third Rank
1 Initiate – Second Rank
2 Initiate – First Rank
3 Mage – Third Rank
4 Mage – Second Rank
5 Mage – First Rank
6 Grand Wizard – Second Rank
7 Grand Wizard – First Rank
8 Master Wizard
9 Grandmaster Wizard

Recruitment and Training

Anyone is allowed to apply to be trained in the magical arts, but most are rejected. The vast majority of recruits are trained as either general wizards or as one of the specialist schools, although there are a few approved prestige classes that members may level into. Sorcerers are more rare as most of their power is innate, not taught, but when they are found they are also made members, mostly as an attempt to try and control their possibly dangerous power.


The leadership of the Circle is made up of spellcasters who have mastered 6th level or higher spells and are known as Grand Wizards. The most senior, and usually highest leveled mage, is known as the Archwizard, and is officially in charge of the entire organization. Generally speaking, each Grand Wizard has a unique specialty or responsibility to the Circle.

Rank Name Specialty
Archwizard Voryn Askello Leader of the Circle, Sorcery
G.W. 1st Class Bedro Elmud Education
G.W. 2nd Class Dha’Armika Enchantment
G.W. 2nd Class Reyd Eichenteld Battle Magic
G.W. 2nd Class Veresstairan Draormtiainetur Illusion
G.W. 2nd Class Iteta Niorm Alchemy & Research

The Acropolis Arcanum

The Acropolis Arcanum is a walled off section of Greystone and is the heart of the Circle of Magi. It contains classrooms, housing, alchemical laboratories and The Library of Greystone.

Members of the Circle of Magi

Circle of Magi

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