Courts of Greystone

Members of the court system of Greystone punish or acquit those caught by the City Guard, settle disputes between citizens and help to interpret and refine laws and edicts passed by the Mayor and Council of Greystone. There are three levels to the court.

Deputy Judges

These are the lowest ranked judges who decide the majority of cases in the city. Each Deputy Judge belongs to one of the seven Districts of Greystone and serves that district’s Justice of Greystone. They are appointed, fired and supervised by this Justice and there can be any number of Deputy Judges per district at any time. Judges decide and sentence cases on their own, without a jury. Should a case be particularly tricky or noteworthy, a Deputy Judge may offer it to his supervisor and any Justice can overrule a Deputy’s decision and try the case himself.

Justices of Greystone

There are eight Justices of Greystone, one for each district and the Chief Justice position, which is filled by the most senior Justice. They are in charge of administering the courts in their district and deciding cases in the same manner as a Deputy Judge. Justices are voted into their position by the High Court, which serves a very similar position to each individual Justice of Greystone as the Justices do to their Deputies. Just as Deputies do, any Justice may refer a case to, or be overruled by the High Court. Each Justice of Greystone maintains a small contingent of guards to act as bailiffs and for meting out corporal punishment.

High Court of Greystone

The High Court is made up of all seven District Justices and the Chief Justice (currently held by Enmor Risdel. Obviously unlike the other levels of court where decisions are made by a single judge, all eight Justices vote on any issue they rule on, with the Chief Justice’s vote counting extra in the event of a tie. The High Court only meets to decide the most important of cases or to elect a new Justice.

Members of the Courts of Greystone

Courts of Greystone

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