There is no point to atheism, as the existence of deities is a objective truth. For simplicity’s sake, they are grouped according to pantheon, although the pantheons are not absolute. Bahamut, for example, has many Human and Elven followers, while there are some Orc tribes who worship Erythnul instead of Gruumsh.

The Principle 12

Name Portfolio AL Domains Favored Weapon Rank
Boccob Magic, Knowledge N Knowledge, Magic, Mind, Oracle, Trickery Quarterstaff G
Erythnul Slaughter, Panic CE Chaos, Evil, Madness, Trickery, War Morningstar G
Fharlanghn Roads, Travel, Distance N Celerity, Luck, Protection, Travel, Weather Quarterstaff I
Heironeous Valor, Chivalry, War, Daring LG Glory, Good, Inquisition, Law, War Longsword G
Hextor Tyrrany, War, Conflict, Fitness LE Destruction, Evil, Law, War Flail G
Kord Strength, Athletics, Courage CG Chaos, Competition, Good, Luck, Strength Greatsword I
Nerull Death, Murder, Underworld NE Death, Evil, Pestilence, Trickery Whip G
Olidammara Rogues, Music, Revelry, Tricks CN Celerity, Chaos, Luck, Mind, Trickery Rapier I
Obad Hai Nature, Freedom, Hunting, Beasts N Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, Weather Quarterstaff I
Pelor Sun, Light, Healing NG Glory, Good, Healing, Strength, Sun Heavy Mace G
St Cuthbert Retribution, Wisdom, Zeal, Discipline LN Destruction, Domination, Law, Protection, Strength Heavy Mace I
Wee Jas Death, Magic, Vanity LN Death, Domination, Law, Magic, Mind Dagger I

The Dwarven Pantheon

Name Portfolio AL Domains Favored Weapon Rank
Armok Blood, Judgment, Retribution LE Death, Destruction, Dream, Evil, Fire Greataxe I
Beyla Agriculture, Childbirth, Harvest, Healing NG Community, Healing, Plant, Sun, Water - I
Freyja Hunting, Exploration CN Air, Animal, Magic, Travel Heavy Crossbow I
Moradin Dwarves, Smithing, Engineering LG Creation, Earth, Good, Protection Warhammer G
Skadi Arts, Freedom, Gambling, Wealth CG Chaos, Luck, Trickery Quarterstaff I
Woden Law, Strategy, War LN Competition, Knowledge, Law, Strength, War Battleaxe I

The Elven Pantheon

Name Portfolio AL Domains Favored Weapon Rank
Andha’kuja Nature, Death NE Death, Destruction, Earth, Evil, Plant Scimitar L
Corellon Elves, Magic, War LG Community, Good, Protection, War Longsword G
Dhatu Elements, Weather N Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Weather Quarterstaff I
Ehlonna Forests, Flora and Fauna, Fertility NG Animal, Celerity, Good, Plant, Sun Longsword I
Ka’roke Strength, Song and Dance CG Luck, Performance, Strength, Travel Shortbow I
Labelas Justice, Knowledge, Magic LN Death, Healing, Knowledge, Magic Dagger I
Lolth Drow, Spiders, Darkness CE Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery Whip G

Demon Princes and Archdevils

Name Portfolio AL Domains Favored Weapon Rank
Asmodeus Domination, Tyranny, Trickery LE Domination, Inquisition, Trickery Mace L
Baalzebub Insects, Disease, Smoke LE Fire, Madness, Pestilence Flail L
Demogorgon Reptiles, Illusion CE Trickery, War Flail D
Orcus Magic, Royalty, Undead CE Death, Evil, Magic Mace L
Dispater Magic, Undead LE Death, Magic Quarterstaff D
Geryon Hunting, Wild Beasts LE Animal, Strength Spear D
Jubilex Slimes, Molds, Fungus CE Chaos, Madness - D
Mephistopholes Hate, Judgment LE Destruction, Knowledge Longsword D
Yeenoghu Gnolls, Ghouls, Rage CE Death, Destruction, War Flail I


Name Portfolio AL Domains Favored Weapon Rank
Bahamut Good Dragons, Wind LG Air, Cold, Good, Luck, Protection Bite or Heavy Pick L
Garl Glittergold Gnomes, Humor, Gemcutting CG Community, Creation, Good, Protection, Trickery Battleaxe G
Gruumsh Orcs, War, Territory CE Chaos, Domination, Evil, Strength, War Spear G
Kurtulmak Kobolds, Traps LE Evil, Law, Luck, Trickery Spear I
Tiamat Evil Dragons, Conquest LE Destruction, Evil, Law, Trickery Bite or Heavy Pick L
Vecna Secrets, Intrigue NE Evil, Knowledge, Madness, Magic Dagger L
Yondalla Halflings, Explorers LG Community, Creation, Good, Law, Protection Short Sword G


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