Greystone Calendar

Months of the Year

The Greystone Calendar is based off the real world Julian Calendar. (Mostly for simplicity’s sake). Each month honors one of the 12 Principle Gods

1 (January) Wee Jas
2 (February) Nerull
3 (March) Obad Hai
4 (April) Olidammara
5 (May) Fharlanghn
6 (June) Pelor
7 (July) Heironeous
8 (August) Hextor
9 (September) Kord
10 (October) Erythnul
11 (November) Boccob
12 (December) St Cuthbert


14th day of Nerull The Day of Death
20th day of Obad Hai Spring Equinox
1st day of Olidammara All Fool’s Day
20th day of Pelor Summer Solstice
28th day of Pelor Founding Day
22nd day of Kord Autumn Equinox
23-29th days of Kord The Week of Strength
31st day of Erythnul The Night of Terror
29th day of Boccob The Feast of Boccob
21st day of St. Cuthbert Winter Solstice
25th day of St. Cuthbert Cuthmas

Character Birthdays

4/2/686 Master Juba
6/8/690 Ampersand
6/10/?? Nya
7/8/782 Monitus
7/28/789 Aravis
8/7/767 Krolok
12/18/784 Nirinjan

Greystone Calendar

Greystone Bagel