House Rules


Fate Points – As a reward for creative thinking or completing tasks both in game and out, players may be awarded a Fate Point. Each Fate Point may be spent to redo a single roll, keeping whichever result the player prefers. A roll may only be redone once in this manner.

Death and Dying – When a character is dying (-1 to -9 hp), he loses 1d4-1 hp a round instead of 1. The GM rolls secretly and keep track of the current negative hp to eliminate the players’ knowledge of exactly how long they have until the character dies.

Explosive Runes – When casting the spell Explosive Runes, the resulting symbols are of the arcane magical type instead of ordinary writing. Thus, the effect of the spell is not triggered by merely glancing at the runes, they must be deciphered through Spellcraft skill check, the Read Magic spell or similar method.




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House Rules

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