Ancient History

Kanatir was a Dwarven fortress-city made by a large group fleeing the old kingdoms during The Great Plump Helmet Blight. When the new city also fell on hard times, they turned to Devil worship under the leadership of Zultan Kanatir. It was sealed by the Elven Druid Nirgha’ata in a great battle and forgotten hundreds of years ago.

The Reemergence of Zultan

Early in the year 816, a group of adventurers accidentally disturbed the lich Zultan. He was released upon the world and soon began a plot to sacrifice hundreds in order to reestablish his power. Luckily, his plans were thwarted by the same group who had awoken him, and the curse remaining on the ruins appears to have been broken.


Drolok, one of the adventurers, decided to gather the clans of his home and lead them to the abandoned halls of Kanatir. At this point it is too early to say, but hopes are high that the new settlement, called Fatimar, will thrive.


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