Tracking Tessa

Team "B" meets up and tracks down the Skull Dragon gang

23-24th days of Olidammara, 816

Each member of the party happened to be in Sparrow’s Point Pub for a different reason. Krolok and Drolok were trying to track down the Skull Dragons, who they had heard may have had something to do with their brother Brolok’s disappearance. Monitus had chosen the Skull Dragons to be the first evil-doers to receive his own brand of vigilante justice, although it was convenient that the girl he had a crush on happened to work there as well. Ampersand was just working there along with her friend Tessa Kimkal

Without warning, Karl Moraug, leader of the Skull Dragons and a gang of thugs burst in and ran off with Tessa. Everyone teamed up to fight the gang and decided to try and head them off at a known Skull Dragon hideout. The newly formed group found a few gang members hanging out there (as well as a bear) but no sign of Tessa, although there was a map leading them to Karl’s house.

As they were leaving the hideout, an Imp and two Zombies burst in the door. Clearly there was something more to this than a simple kidnapping. More Zombies were found at Karl’s house, as well as a priest who had sacrificed Tessa and Karl in some evil ritual. The captured Imp explained under duress that the priest was from a group called the Heralds of Zultan who had paid the gang to rob fresh graves so that they’d have bodies to raise. When questioned as to where the party could find these Heralds of Zultan, the Imp explained that the only thing he knew was that one of them was supposed to meet up with a band of Troglodytes on the other side of the Ceberry River in two days.



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