Where's the Wizard Pt. 1

Everyone finally meets up!

28-29th days of Olidammara, 816

Sherlock Gnomes, Nirinjan, Master Juba, Watson and Balthasar were returning to the ruins of Kanatir to look for clues on Zultan Kanatir’s whereabouts when they came upon Monitus, Ampersand, Krolok and Drolok locked in mortal combat with the ghost of Brolok. The more recently arrived group decided that it’d be best to help this other party out, and a couple of Nirinjan’s spells destroyed the ghost, although not before Drolok had been killed.

After some quick discussion of what everyone was doing here, it was revealed that both groups were on the trail of Zultan. Team “B” even offered a useful clue, that they had seen the Dwarven noble Koldun reading books from Zultan’s library and had teleported away, leaving the ghost to kill them. Sherlock quickly decided that Koldun should be arrested on the charges of raising undead and suspicion of being in cahoots with Zultan, and the others were more than happy to help.

Back at Greystone, thousands of gold pieces were pooled by Krolok, Ampersand and Monitus to get Drolok raised from the dead at the local temple of Moradin. They then went to the guardhouse to talk to Thom Fhranks about finding out where they could find Koldun. He directed them to Professor Zweigstein, who checked his records and gave them the location of Koldun’s manor house.

On the way there, they were stopped by a crying Halfling child. She said that her family had been attacked by Gnolls and needed help. Monitus had a gut feeling that something was wrong, so Master Juba stealthily snuck around amongst the trees to see what was going on, and Nirinjan transformed into a falcon to survey the area. They both found two (rather uninjured if not impatient looking) Halflings standing by a wagon. The Halflings were then revealed to be shape-shifting Doppelgangers, but with so much muscle from having both groups there, they were quickly defeated. It is getting late, and it looks as if a storm is brewing, but they are only a little over an hour away from the house of Koldun…



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